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Lifespan Approach

A company that has just received its first round of capital has vastly different needs than a company preparing for its IPO. TriplePoint understands the unique challenges at each stage and is the only provider with a Lifespan Approach to support your organization every step along the way.

Choosing the right debt-financing partner, with whom to tie your company’s future, is a critical and often overlooked step in the capital raising process. We place a great deal of emphasis on building long-term relationships with our customers, regardless of the size or timing of your financing needs or the stage of your company so that we may rely on each other as growth and challenges arise further down the road.

At the heart of our approach is the emphasis we place on establishing and building long-term relationships with our customers, regardless of the size or timing of your financing needs.


The TriplePoint team is the most experienced in the venture financing industry. Our founders have overseen more than $9 billion in leases and loans to more than 3,000 leading venture capital-backed companies.

We are the leader in the industry – Let us show you the impact we can make on your business.

Structure & Capacity

Our unique structure consists of large and diversified sources giving TriplePoint Capital unmatched capacity and scale to meet the specific and dynamic financial needs throughout the lifespan of your organization.

We’re unique and independent – and structured for your success.

Creativity & Flexibility

We believe it is absolutely critical to take the time and make the effort to thoroughly understand the needs and objectives of our customers in both the short-term and long-term.

With an unmatched suite of debt and equity products, we can quickly determine a customized set of solutions for your needs, regardless of how unique or complex.

Industry Focus

With the ability to understand and the goal to provide value, our focus is on working with entrepreneurs in markets with high growth potential where innovation, globalization, demand and other drivers of change enable the opportunity for businesses with cutting edge technology, differentiated value propositions and sustainable competitive advantages.

We specialize in technology, life sciences, and other high growth industries. In addition, we focus on new and upcoming sectors where we and our venture capital partners see compelling trends and opportunities.

Global Reach

Serving customers in countries around the world, TriplePoint has the proven international experience to deploy innovative products and services across the globe.

From one office to many, we have have the reach to support you at your principal place of business as well as your secondary locations around the world.

World Class Service

We are the only lender that believes providing reliable and superior customer service in every aspect of your relationship is as important as providing you with capital. From streamlined processes, to senior level attention and electronic access to your account information, we deliver on our commitment to providing reliable, world-class customer service.

Our commitment to service makes your job easier.

Local Action to Address Global Opportunity

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